Tag: Circle of the Crone


  • Zyta Ceres

    A gardener and botanist, Zyta takes pride in the flora of the area, and is responsible for many of the city's large greenhouses. From the way she carries herself and the sheer power of her personality, many who don't know better, believe Zyta to be …

  • Brian Arshire

    The twin brother of Brigitte Arshire, Brian is a poet and scholar, but also a prophet and an accomplished archer. Brian has Tenurial Domain in the Colleges, both Flagler University and San Augustin State; and has a specific interest and influence among …

  • Persephone

    Biological daughter of [[:zyta-ceres | Zyta Ceres]], and embraced by [[:katungi | Katungi]]; Persephone rarely comes up from the Undercity, where she cares for a large homeless population there.