Tag: Gangrel


  • Brigitte Arshire

    A hunter who prowls the outskirts of town and considers herself an ally to the animals. Brigitte can often be found (outside of Elysium) bearing her hunting bow and a quiver of arrows. Brigitte has Tenurial domain on the Northern area of Anastasia …

  • Aggro

    Despised by the Prince's Court, Aggro revels in his violence and bloodshed. He is active in the Gang Warfare in Eastharbor. Aggro has _Feeding Rights_ in [[South Beach]], which he purposefully takes as Tenurial Domain, simply because the Prince has …

  • Forrest Garvan

    The Little Wild Gangrel. Forrest spends almost all his time in the Westside suburbs of New Paris, where he hunts, keeps a flock of sheep, and listens to and plays rustic music. Forrest keeps a bevvy of beautiful female servants he calls his "Nymphos."