Tag: Ghoul


  • Mercurio Dysmas

    Messenger, Businessman, and Thief - Mercurio is all things to all people, though his first master is always [[:celio-pena | Celio Pena]]. He is, however, close friends with [[:timothy-nietzal | Timothy Nietzal]], and his biological son is the Gangrel, …

  • Monday Aysel

    Servant of [[:celio-pena | Celio Pena]] and [[:juno-queneau | Juno Queneau]] (called "cupbearer" by the latter). Monday is ever-present whenever one or both of them are around, though most often just standing in the background.

  • Neil "the Hound" Turner

    [[:minerva-weaver | Minerva Weaver's]] Hound. Neil has spent his entire life learning to fight and hunt. He is a formerly independent ghoul who has since bonded himself to Minerva intentionally.

  • Ciro Aeolus

    Ciro has a farm in Palatka where Kindred on the lamb are welcome to lay low (for the price). His six sons and six daughters, are intermarried, and he has a couple dozen grandchildren. Aeolus farm is your typical back-woods incest-ridden redneckfest; but …

  • Bia

    [[:celio-pena | Prince Celio's]] personal bodyguard. Bia is the personification of violence, but spends her days guarding the Prince's Haven (as well as sharing his bed).