Tag: Mekhet


  • Zyta Ceres

    A gardener and botanist, Zyta takes pride in the flora of the area, and is responsible for many of the city's large greenhouses. From the way she carries herself and the sheer power of her personality, many who don't know better, believe Zyta to be …

  • Minerva Weaver

    The intellectual child(e) of [[:celio-pena | Celio Pena]], Minerva was one of the first female Marines. She was also a police detective being groomed by Prince Celio for the Embrace. In an act of Rebellion, the now deceased _Dogg Style_ embraced her. …

  • Neil "the Hound" Turner

    [[:minerva-weaver | Minerva Weaver's]] Hound. Neil has spent his entire life learning to fight and hunt. He is a formerly independent ghoul who has since bonded himself to Minerva intentionally.