Tag: Nosferatu


  • Katungi

    The Nosferatu Lord of the [[Undercity]]. Katungi serves as Nosferatu primogen, but he derides the title and position, and shuns Kindred society. The Undercity is like an entity unto itself, which Katungi rules with an iron fist. Nonetheless, he is …

  • Varun Apalala

    Varun and [[:celio-pena | Prince Celio]] are good friends - better probably than most Kindred think is proper - their friendship is almost human. Varun is the literal brother of [[:katungi | Katungi]], and the lover of [[:magali | Magali]], though he may …

  • Persephone

    Biological daughter of [[:zyta-ceres | Zyta Ceres]], and embraced by [[:katungi | Katungi]]; Persephone rarely comes up from the Undercity, where she cares for a large homeless population there.